“For the heart to be set free and to come out from under the weight of the pain and anger that often accompany us in our trek through life, forgiveness is vital and I can think of no place better to start than this practical and truthful book on a topic seldom discussed and even less often put into practice.”

– Dr. Chris Miller, D. Min and M. Div,
Grace Counseling Services, Littleton, CO

“One of the more difficult issues to work through with people... is the issue of forgiveness. Routt hits the nail on the head in an uncomplicated way. I highly recommend the book to those who need a fresh understanding of forgiveness as well as those who are helping others work through the roadblocks to complete and total forgiveness.”

– Graydon Jessup, Senior Pastor, Boulder Valley Christian Church and President of Heart and Soul90

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Simple Forgiveness differs from other books on forgiveness because it is concise and easy to read, encourages readers to pick it up and take a quick look at a subject many are reluctant to face. In 60 pages the reader will be confronted with the misbeliefs about forgiveness, shown the benefits of forgiveness, the consequences of unforgiveness and learn in four steps how to forgive. The emphasis is on why forgiveness empowers and frees the one who forgives.

This book is perfect for giving to those you know who need to forgive. It is short, inexpensive, easy to read and provides the truth they need to hear. So order one for yourself and get at least one extra copy to give away.